NeuLion is excited to announce the integration of Facebook and Twitter into the CMS Article Editor. Now, when building an article, you can post your article directly into your school’s Facebook or Twitter feed.


After hitting “click here”, a new window pops up to allow the user to sign in to Facebook.

After logging into Facebook the first time, you will need to authorize Facebook to allow articles to be posted on the site from NeuLion.

On the next page, you can choose where you want the specific article to post. To publish the article, click “Post Now”.

***Once your items are posted, MAKE SURE TO LOG OUT. For Facebook, click the “Log out” button in NeuLion CMS.


Post to Twitter:
After hitting “Click here”, a new window pops up to prompt the user to sign into Twitter.


Once successfully logged in, you can tweet your article. Make sure to click on “Sign out” when you are finished.

If you have any questions about the enhancement or any comments/suggestions, please contact us at OR call 877-967-3375 EXT: 1.